• + YEM/USD 25,377.5510 +
  • + 24h Volume US$812,623,763 +
  • + 7d Volume US$10,537,947,265 +
  • + Total Wallets 1,282,348 +
YEMCHAIN is more than a blockchain: it is the best of blockchain technology, combined with all cyber security features of the SafeZone. Imagine fast, secure, transparent, low-fee transactions with maximum privacy. Additionally, YEMCHAIN is set up for a wide variety of smart contracts and digital assets. From NFTs to fractional real estate, YEMCHAIN is the best choice for all your blockchain needs.

YEM Chain is proud to be the first net-zero carbon blockchain. Thanks to our streamlined processing protocol (SPP), there is no energy wasted and on top, all servers are running on renewable energies. As a result, all transactions are executed in less than a second, and the maximum chain fee to be paid for a transaction is 0.1% of the transaction value.

YEM is ‘Your Everyday Money’, a digital currency designed to be exactly that - a digital currency, functioning as an accredited form of payment substituting fiat money.

Additionally, YEM is used as a store of value, and can be used as collateral and/or liability capital in business transactions. From smallest businesses to publicly traded corporations, YEM is functioning as a capital reserve and as a vital part of their liquidity and financial planning.

The YEMCHAIN is the perfect place to mint, to store, and to trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Due to our highest cyber security levels, all your digital assets can be securely stored at all times.

Additionally, YEMCHAIN is open for digital assets which have been created on other blockchains.

The Digital Wallet Center is the place where you have all your YEMCHAIN assets displayed. For you convenience, you can see the current balance as well as the current value displayed in USD and the fiat currency in your tax jurisdiction. www.digitalwallet.center
Cashback Marketing (CBM) is truly putting the CASH back into marketing through up to 50% cashback on not yet used marketing budget. CBM offers an unheard of Budget-Back Guarantee on marketing campaigns for no risk marketing.
The Twnkl Mobility Coin (TMC) is bringing cars and transportation on the blockchain. Car sharing, public transportation, and even special car deals for private households and businesses – every mobility related process gets faster, cheaper, and more secure.
Welcome to the International Vacation Club (IVC), where vacation dreams come true powered by the first digital currency on the YEMCHAIN dedicated to the vacation industry. IVC members as well as Twnkl Vacation Coin (TVC) holders have exclusive access to the best international vacation deals.
CRYPTORANK is the official valuation page for all coins and tokens on the YEMCHAIN. You can easily check the current value of these and other cryptocurrencies.

¥EM.EXCHANGE is the official place for buying ¥EM (Your Everyday Money), the ‘authority friendly’ digital currency. ¥EM.EXCHANGE is in compliance with all official ¥EM Foundation requirements.


Proof of Work

Be rewarded by setting up your own node that validates transactions on the YEMCHAIN, creating new blocks as they appear in the network. Minimum requirements need to be met. Please log in for details.

Proof of Stake

Be rewarded by staking a minimum amount of YEM against our own supernodes that have already gone through the Proof-of-Work process to validate transactions on YEMCHAIN. Please log in for details.

Proof of Activity

Be rewarded by simply being active within our network of websites, called the SafeZone. Participate in prize draws, vote at online talent contests, and do other fun stuff to receive valuable FREE YEM for shopping.

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